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No matter what you've heard about him, he offers you something nothing or no one else can.  

If our world had a motto it would be "Me First, Me Always" --and when you think about the life you were meant to live, why wouldn't you place yourself at the center of your own universe?  It makes sense and it seems way more natural.  

But Jesus First, Jesus Always is about seeing life
though a new perspective.  It's about living life not by the concept of Jesus, but by the reality of him as a person.  It's about shaping your world around that reality.  It's about recognizing that he claims to be the Alpha point of the universe, the beginning of all things, and the Omega point, the one to which all of history is rushing towards.  If he's the first and last, then he is certainly everything in between.  

Jesus First, Jesus Always is more than a motto, it's a heart revelation that becomes a soul revolution.
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