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I’d love to ask you to pray with us as we are about to embark on a brand new journey with this book and I can’t wait to see all God does through it. This is my first major book release and I truly believe that there will be lives changed, relationships mended, and truths revealed for those who read it. One of the most crucial aspects of any book launch is momentum. Momentum defined is the force or energy with which something moves.  It’s an interesting thing because once momentum created, it becomes easier and easier to create more of it. The primary effort to secure a strong book launch is pre-ordering. By pre-ordering Jesus First, Jesus Always, you can help generate visibility for the book before its launch, while also building interest and excitement.

 These practical steps work together with the spiritual when someone at the end of their rope sees the book promoted and decides to buy it on a whim. I pray it’s those type of desperate people that catch wind of Jesus First, Jesus Always. It starts with your involvement in pre-ordering the book. You can preorder at and by simple searching Jesus First, Jesus Always in the search bar, or you can visit the link  And if you pre-order by Friday, July 31 and email your receipt to by that date, we'll send you the audio book as a free bonus!  

Thank you so much for your gracious support as we prepare to launch this project. I believe that God is going to touch hearts and change lives through it and your support is such an important part of that process.

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