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Jesus First, Jesus Always is more than just a phrase, a book, or a project. I believe it is a message that can help you live the life you were meant to live. This book is intended to be something that can be discussed among friends. It’s written for new believers and for people who grew up in church alike. If you let it, Jesus First, Jesus Always can be the lens through which you live your entire life. 

As a pastor, I constantly encounter people wrestling with big questions. Questions that frankly I wrestle with myself as well. A few years ago my church and I went through an extremely painful loss that I will discuss later. That pain, and the pain of many other situations in my life, drove me to start a conversation about the tough questions in life. While I don’t claim to have every answer, I do think that the journey God led me through can shed some light on your situation. If you’ve been blindsided by the pain of life, I pray this message will be like seeing for the first time. 

Jesus First, Jesus Always releases September 4th. You can pre-order the book right now on Amazon, or by clicking here. We also will release a six-week small group curriculum complete with video teaching and a study guide so that you, your friends, or your small group ministry can take this journey together. 

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